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The Anjou Costco is a new addition to the franchise, but many of the items are familiar. For example, the outdoor and workout sections are comprehensive. In the latter section, the Echelon Reflect is a touchscreen workout mirror with instructor-led classes. Ken Saumure, regional marketing manager for Anjou, noted that the store also has a section dedicated to Italian products and goods. Saumure pointed out that the Italian-inspired section offers items that are not available at other Costcos.

Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Costco Wholesale

You can use Moovit to find the best way to get to Costco in Anjou, Canada. Get real-time directions and stop counts to help you decide which way to take. The app even lets you know when it’s time to get off. Moovit is available in hundreds of cities around the world, including Netherlands, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, and Lima.

The nearest stop to Costco Anjou is Renaude-Lapointe / Beclard. Get off at the last stop and walk two minutes to Costco Anjou. Moovit is a free app and will show you the best route to Costco Anjou based on traffic and user reviews. The Moovit app will also show you the closest stops to the store.

With a wealth of information available, Moovit makes it easy to plan your trip. Its free app combines official transportation information with user-submitted data to find the most direct route. Users can also check for service disruptions and track the status of their favorite bus line. Moovit also provides step-by-step directions to help people with disabilities reach their destination.

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Costco offers high-quality items at unbeatable value

The new location of Costco Wholesale in Anjou, Quebec, features a warehouse 20 percent larger than its previous site and more than 3,800 high-quality items at incredible prices. Members of the wholesale warehouse club save money on everyday items, while individuals and small businesses benefit from a Gold Star Membership. Costco Anjou members can obtain Gold Star Memberships for $60 for businesses and $20 for households, and a free household card is included. Members also enjoy the benefits of purchasing at Costco locations around the world.

The new store will have two warehouses, one for consumers and the other for businesses. In 2020, Costco opened its first Costco Business Centre, with a second warehouse set to open in Anjou in Spring 2022. The warehouse will focus on business items, including groceries and supplies for restaurants, caterers, and convenience stores. Regular Costco membership entitles members to visit the Business Centre in any country, including Canada.

The company is also expanding to other Canadian cities, including Montreal. The Riverton location is slated to open on May 19, bringing the total number of locations in the province to 13 stores. The new Costco Anjou location will open in Canada’s first month of summer, as a Costco Business Center. In a Costco Business Center, shoppers can find specialty items not available at regular stores, while the extended hours of operation and wider product selection make it a convenient option for businesses and homeowners alike.

Costco offers a wide selection of food offerings

Although the Anjou warehouse is the same as those in most Costco locations, it features some unique and interesting foods. For instance, the pantry aisles feature items like hemp hearts, mochi treats, and almond flour crackers. Other food offerings include avocado oil, Himalayan pink salt, and Chinese sausage. The assortment of food offerings is diverse and is sure to excite even the most adventurous home cook.

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The new Anjou location is 20 percent larger than the old one, with more than 1,000 more shopping carts, 900 parking spaces, and 18 gas pumps. There is a pharmacy and a larger variety of specialty departments, as well as a meat and rotisserie chicken section. The new store also features a food court and bakery, and a pharmacy. Its grocery aisles are wide and spacious.

The warehouse club deli has a good selection of fresh and prepared foods, such as sandwiches, as well as lunchmeat sliced to order. A butcher’s department has a good selection of mainstream meat, poultry, and fish, including some Mexican cheeses. The produce section is modest, with limited organic options, but there are lots of frozen foods. Everything from frozen salmon to Beyond Burgers is available in large packages.

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