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Argos is a British retail chain that sells home and general merchandise. They also operate a jewelers and watches business. This huge extra superstore can be found in several locations, including the city of Hull. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a particular brand or just a simple gift, you’re sure to find what you need at Argos null. Read on to discover more about the company and how it operates.

Argos is a market leader in home and general merchandise

An online store, Argos sells a variety of products for the home and is part of the Home Retail Group. Argos operates 700 stores and is the second largest internet retailer in the UK. The company employs 34,000 people and serves 130 million customers annually. Sales at Argos increased by 8 percent in 2009, reaching PS4.2 billion. Although Argos is competing against rivals such as BHM and Zara Home, it has a proven track record.

The company’s first home catalogue was released in March 2006 and proved popular, so it followed up with a second edition in August 2006. It featured home furniture as well as styling tips for the current season. The catalogue contained many of the same products as the main catalogue, with some new lines added every now and then. The company plans to launch a new home catalogue annually in October. Further changes to its online store are in the works.

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It has 1200 stores in the United Kingdom

One of the most popular catalogue retailers in the UK, Argos is a unique brand that combines a physical store and online shopping. The company now has more than 1200 physical stores across the United Kingdom, including 600 standalone locations and 300 shop-in-shops in Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Founded in 1992, the retailer has served over 130 million customers a year and now takes over four million online orders. The company estimates that it serves two-thirds of UK households. It expects to add thirty stores a year, to reach over 800 locations by 2025.

While the brand is known for its catalogue stores, the company is becoming increasingly renowned for its streamlined shopping experience. In the past, a customer would place an order on a small order form and be given a blue and red pencil. Once they’d placed their order, they would pay for their items at the register and wait for the delivery. Increasingly, consumers can now use “Quick pay” kiosks to pay their bills at a store without leaving the shop.

It has a jewelers and watches business

If you haven’t noticed, Argos is a jewelers and watches business in Kingston upon Hull, England. The company was founded in 1973 by Richard Tompkins, who introduced Green Shields stamps to the UK fifteen years earlier. Unfortunately, Richard Tompkins passed away in 1992, but his widow, Liz, is still a frequent customer. In the summer of 1973, Richard Tompkins took his wife Liz on a trip to the US to experience the growing phenomenon of catalogue shopping. The company’s first purpose-built shop opened in late 1973, and it took one year to get off the ground.

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Although Argos began as a value retailer, it never lost its unique shopping system. In the beginning, a customer had to pore over the catalogue to decide on what they wanted. Then, an assistant would type in a code and wait for the package to arrive. Ultimately, it was the first act of a journey that would last a lifetime. Now, shoppers can browse and buy on the same site.

It has a huge extra superstore

If you’re planning a Christmas shop, don’t fret, Argos hull has a huge additional superstore. Argos is moving closer to the end-user than ever. The extra store in the retail park is guaranteed to have more stock than local stores. Located next to a car park, Argos hull is great for Christmas shopping, especially for out-of-stock gifts. And the staff there are very helpful and efficient.

The Hull branch is located at the intersection of Ferensway and Lombard Street. The store is also within walking distance of the Milky Way, Castle Street, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, and the Hull Interchange. From the city centre, you can take the TransPennine Express to reach the Hull branch. The store is easily accessible by car, bus, or rail.

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