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When Argos was first established, the Evisions CO-OP Community provided a crucial springboard. Leeds has since built on this foundation by automating processes and expanding reporting capabilities to the entire campus. This article describes some of the key benefits of implementing Argos. It is also an excellent introduction to the Evisions CO-OP Community. Its benefits go beyond just enabling you to track your expenses.


Sainsbury’s in Argos is now an integrated shopping experience with the retailer relocating its store in the back right of the supermarket. It offers an unrivalled combination of value and choice in the high street. In its relaunch, Argos has introduced its “Magnificent Mile” shopping route to Leeds, taking customers from the city centre into the heart of Yorkshire. The store offers a range of products from electrical appliances to fashion, and its customers can get their daily dose of the latest trends and fashions.

The new stores will be located inside Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the UK, and the Leeds branch will become one of these. There are 420 Argos branches throughout the UK, including the Colton branch. The restructured stores will also provide redeployment opportunities for staff and customers. The closures will not affect the retail chain’s online operations. Argos plans to open 150 new stores in Sainsbury’s by 2024, so it is clear that the company is committed to rebranding its Leeds store.

The move comes amid widespread criticism of the supermarket for sacking workers who refused to work on Sundays. While the decision would have been illegal in the rest of the UK, it did not apply to Argos as they were solely employed on Sundays. In fact, the supermarket denied any such allegations and said it was undergoing “constructive” consultations to find alternative ways to retain staff.

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Evisions CO-OP Community

Joining the CO-OP Community in Argos Leeds is the easiest way to use the collaborative features offered by Evisions. The community contains a library of DataBlocks and templates uploaded by other clients and Evisions. You can also find examples of customised data visualizations and collaborate with other members. You can also view product updates and collaborate with other users through CO-OP Share.

After joining the CO-OP community in Leeds, you can start contributing to it and share your ideas and insights with other members of your team. To start, log in to the CO-OP community from your Argos toolbar. You may need to enable upload permissions for CO-OP content. Once you’ve set up an account, you can access the HelpDesk and Knowledge Base, as well as create support tickets.

To introduce Argos to university staff, the reporting team at Leeds University used a light touch approach, holding small road shows across the campus. Students were able to see how the platform worked and what their role was in the community. Evisions also provided online training because conducting institution-wide training courses would have burdened university resources. By keeping the rollout light, the university avoided a massive overload of training requests.


The latest Argos catalogue offers you 25% off garden & DIY products. The catalogue is valid from 26/06 to 04/07/2022. Argos is one of the UK’s largest digital retailers, and is one of the market leaders in furniture, electrical, and clothing. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa or a TV, you’re sure to find what you need at Argos Leeds.

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You can find Argos Leeds at 22-26 The Headrow. You’ll find contact information for the store on the Headrow, as well as information on opening hours. Please note that this store closes on Sundays and bank holidays. Please check local opening hours before visiting to make sure you don’t miss out. To shop at the Leeds Argos, make sure to check out their website. It is also possible to visit Argos Leeds via their social media channels.

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