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Are you looking for a review of Argos London? Do you want to find out more about their 1,200 stores? Click & Collect? Or are you more interested in their Company culture? Whatever your reasons, you can find the answers here. Read on to learn more about Argos London. And don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for more information. There are thousands of reviews of stores like this one, so you’re sure to find one that suits you best.

1,200 stores

Argos is a British general merchandise retailer with over 1,200 stores. Its business model is multichannel, with sales through its online store and physical shops. Customers can also buy items online and have them shipped to their doorsteps. In addition, the retailer also offers click-and-reserve and fast-track collection options. In addition to its own stores, Argos has branches in Homebase and Sainsbury’s, as well as temporary stores.

In summer 1973, Richard Tompkins, who was already successful in introducing the first Green Shields stamp to the UK, launched the first Argos. While Tompkins died in 1992, his widow still runs the company. Liz Tompkins, his wife, was invited to America to study the growing popularity of catalogue shopping. She spent a month in the US and Canada, where she saw the concept in action. In the UK, it took about a year for the new store to launch.

Click & Collect

In the year 2000, Argos launched click and collect, which allows shoppers to go to an Argos store and pick up purchases they’ve made on the internet. In the 2012 Christmas season, click and collect was used by 40% of UK shoppers, and it now accounts for a third of Argos’ business. The new service has proved incredibly popular, and is set to expand to more Sainsbury’s Local stores in the future.

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Click & Collect at Argos is an excellent option for customers who don’t want to wait for their items to be delivered. Once customers place their order, they will receive a notification from the store stating that their order is ready to be picked up. Click and collect means customers don’t have to wait a couple of days for their orders to be delivered to their homes. Argos has over 850 stores nationwide.

Price of items

The prices of items at Argos London will be more affordable than ever. Argos London operates in both online and physical stores. The retailer redesigned its logo in 2010 with a giant smile. The company also hired a digital director to help with its expansion. The company plans to use digital platforms more. Mobiles now account for 15% of the retailer’s total sales. This change will improve customer service, as well as the shopping experience.

While Sainsbury’s owns an Argos counter, the prices are different in each location. The retail giant’s low prices are the result of a close relationship with suppliers. While some items are cheaper in Sainsbury’s than in Argos, some are more expensive at the London store. While the prices of items at Argos are not exactly the same everywhere, consumers should always compare prices.

Company culture

The company culture at Argos London focuses on the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees. The company is committed to equality of opportunity and provides competitive reward packages to its employees. It adheres to high standards of corporate governance and promotes teamwork and a strong sense of loyalty. Argos values customer satisfaction and believes that everyone has the ability to succeed. In addition to its competitive salary package and impressive product range, the company also stresses the importance of customer satisfaction.

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The culture at Argos has a strong focus on improving individual performance and increasing group efficiency. The company has implemented a framework to manage talent and stakeholder expectations. Its employees are rewarded for exceeding expectations and are encouraged to take personal ownership of their work. This culture is ideal for a sales-oriented organization with a high level of activity. Managing the organization’s culture is an essential part of the overall success of the business.

Charity partnerships

For 40 years, Argos has been at the heart of communities. This year, the company is helping to raise funds for dementia support workers and advisers. These workers provide practical guidance and information to people affected by dementia, enabling them to maintain their independence for longer. This is great news for people living with dementia, as it means fewer social isolations and fewer trips to the doctor. Let’s look at how our local charity partners can help.

Teenage Cancer Trust: Argos has partnered with this children’s charity for two years. The organisation has engaged with volunteers nationwide to fundraise PS10 million. The Trust recruited more than 550 new supporters to help bucket collect in Argos stores across the UK. The team has also raised nearly PS50,000 for the charity over the catalogue launch weekend. Thousands of customers took part in the fundraising campaign, and the funds raised will go towards the Teenage Cancer Trust’s new day care centre at UniversityCollegeHospital.


In London, there are 105 Argos locations – that’s about 16% of the total. If you want to see more information about this location, you can download the Argos London location data, which includes its phone number, postcode, streetmap, SatNav coordinates, and website. The information will be available in several formats, including CSV, Excel, and GeoJSON. It will contain information such as the address, open hours, and phone number.

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In addition to its physical locations, you can also find a digital store in Google maps. You can search for a specific Argos location in Google maps, and the store’s digital inventory can be viewed. This way, customers can see what’s available in the store and make purchases quickly. The stores’ digital signage will also feature local messaging, including Facebook posts and Twitter updates. These changes will improve the customer experience at Argos London locations.

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