Why Choose Kennards Self Storage?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the things that make Kennards self storage a great choice. The company was founded by Walter Kennard in New Zealand, and it has grown to become Australia’s largest self-storage operator. The company is family-owned and provides many different storage options. Read on to discover why storing with Kennards is a great option for your next move.

Kennards self storage is Australia’s largest self-storage operator

In 1995, Sam Kennard, son of Neville Kennard, became Managing Director of the company. He is also CEO and co-owner of Kennards Self Storage. The brothers first exchanged interests in 1991 and now own the company and Kennards Hire. In 2004, the company acquired twenty-four self-storage centres in Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, it acquired eight stockpiling properties in New Zealand.

Kennards is an Australian family business. The company was founded by Neville Kennard in 1973, and the first self-storage centre was opened in Fortitude Valley, QLD, with the help of Kennards Hire. In 1989, Neville Kennard partnered with other self storage operators and started the Self Storage Association of Australia. This association has been a key player in the self-storage industry in Australia for many years.

It was founded in New Zealand by Walter Kennard

The company’s roots are in the rental of equipment, and its founder, Walter Kennard, had a lifelong interest in the environment. As a political activist and philanthropist, he championed early environmental causes, and was an avid reader and writer. Walter Kennard had little formal business training, though he’d probably claim he has a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. He also exhibited great curiosity, and devoured books and magazines and attended personal development courses.

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In 2007, Kennards acquired a joint venture with Valad Property Group, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that invests in office, industrial, bulky goods retail, and self storage. Kennards retained ownership of existing properties and managed the joint venture. In 2005, the company acquired the remaining eight self-storage facilities from Millers Self Storage, which was rebranded as Kennards.

It is a family owned business

Kenneards Self Storage was founded by Neville Kennard in Sydney in 1948. The founder died suddenly in June 2012, leaving his three sons to carry on the family business. Andy Kennard eventually took over the business, and has since added self-storage to the family’s service portfolio. In 2013, the company celebrated 40 years in business and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The company has over 80 locations in Australia and New Zealand, and is a prominent brand in the Australian self storage market. The company is still owned and run by the Kennard family, a rare feature in today’s business world. Family ownership has helped Kennards build an impressive reputation and develop a strong culture of engagement and commitment throughout the organization. In recent years, the company has focused on new developments and has opened two additional self storage centres.

It offers a variety of storage options

When you’re looking to store your belongings in a secure environment, a self-storage unit is the perfect solution. These units come in various sizes to suit your specific needs. From 1x1m lockers to 6x6m garages, you’re sure to find the right size and type for your needs. For added security, some facilities even have deposit boxes and wine cellars. In select locations, you can even find gun lockers, if you’re concerned about the safety of your valuables.

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Kennards’ security measures are impressive. The facilities are protected by CCTV cameras and PIN codes, and each storage unit is wired with a lock and alarm. These security measures are also regularly maintained and monitored to ensure your belongings are protected. For additional peace of mind, most facilities offer complimentary trailers, hand trucks, trolleys, and moving vans. Using these services is free, and you can even rent a vehicle for the day if needed.

It has CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a critical component of security at Kennards Self Storage. The cameras are strategically placed to capture high-activity areas. All recordings are stored digitally, and all security systems are monitored on a regular basis. In addition, most locations feature computer controlled access systems. These sophisticated systems allow only Kennards customers to enter the premises. In this way, tenants can feel confident that their belongings are safe and sound.

In addition to CCTV cameras, Kennards’ storage facilities also feature PIN-coded access and alarms. Many of these facilities offer 24-hour access. The company started in 1973 and is owned by a family. It operates in Australia and New Zealand, with partners around the world. Many customers choose to store their items in the nearby area, so a Kennards facility will suit their needs.

It offers PIN code access

If you are looking for a self storage facility in the Petersham area, you have come to the right place. The Kennards self storage facility is located on 606 Parramatta Road, which used to be the Millers Brewery. The orange building has undergone a major expansion and now offers over 300 storage units. In addition to these units, the facility offers CCTV coverage and personal pin code access.

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In 1973, Neville Kennards founded the first self-storage centre in Australia. He founded it with a branch of his company, Kennards Hire. Today, his son Sam runs the company. Since its foundation in 1973, the company has grown into the largest self-storage company in Australasia. The company is known for its quality, convenience, and dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. National Storage is the largest self-storage provider in Australasia, with over 190 locations.

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