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Are you looking for information about the Argos hull in Hull? The name Argos is a reference to the loyal dog of Odysseus in the “Odyssey” book. The ship is modeled after an ancient Greek warship and features motifs from the ancient world. It also features a forward-looking sonar system. To contact the store, please fill out the form below.

Argos is a reference to Odysseus’ loyal dog from “The Odyssey”

The story of “The Odyssey” tells us that the hardy hero Odysseus had a loyal dog named Argos. Despite having no strength, he was able to recognize his master with a single glance. While Telemachus had little interaction with his human father, he was still trained by Odysseus while he was away.

In “The Odyssey,” the name is a reference to the dog that served as Odysseus’ loyal guide. In the story, Argus was Odysseus’ loyal companion, but he was gone for two decades. But when he returned, he remembered his friend, Argus, and he remained loyal to him. He accompanied his master when he visited the palace, and Argus acknowledged him as his master. Odysseus wept as he recalled his beloved pet. Upon entering the great hall, he immediately passes away, leaving a mournful and heartbreaking trail of tears.

It is modeled after a Greek warship

The Trireme was a triple-decked Greek warship. It carried up to 200 people and required over 150 people to row the oars. The ship was faster than most ships, and the Greeks made the most of its speed by ramming other ships into each other. They used sails and oars to get around the sea, and their ships were typically about the same length as three buses lined up.

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The model is shaped in the shape of a Greek warship, with a raised bow. It is decorated on the forebody with carved catheads for ground tackle. The stern is undecked as far as the prow, and its poop-deck is as wide as the ship itself. Although it looks like a toy, this may have a historical meaning.

It is decorated with ancient motifs

The Greek myth tells of a ship named Argo, a vessel constructed with the help of the gods and used by Jason and the Argonauts to search for the Golden Fleece. The ship has been used as a motif in many cultures since then, from the ancient Greeks to the Romans. This article will explore some of the earliest examples of this storied vessel and some of its modern-day descendants.

The earliest known representation of a cycladic Type I ship is found on a white marble fragment from the island of Naxos. It depicts a hull with a flat bottom and pointed extremities, a vertical stern, and three to four uprights with an oblique crossbar (ikrion). The hull of the ship is decorated with motifs representing birds, a goat, and a man.

It has a forward looking sonar system

The forward-looking sonar system on the Argos hull is designed for vessels of eighteen to forty metres in length. It provides real-time navigation information and a detailed local history map of the area around the vessel. It also detects underwater hazards and identifies the position of the nearest obstruction. The Argos forward-looking sonar system can be superimposed on the vessel’s electronic chart.

The Argos hull has a forward-looking sonar system, which makes the vessel safer in all sea states. The sonar unit is mounted on the forward hull surface and is installed in the depths as far forward as possible. This is because the deeper the transducer module is installed, the better it will perform in high-sea states. The transducer module must be installed at least one meter under the surface of the water.

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