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Purolator offers drop off services at Oshawa and Burlington GO stations on weekdays from 1 to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During the holiday season, the service will be extended until 10 p.m. To make the service more convenient, the company plans to introduce self-serve package drop-off kiosks at the Oshawa and Burlington GO stations by mid-November. The self-serve kiosks will be open during the same hours that the station buildings are open.


If you want to use Purolator drop off to ship your package to an office or a home, here are some locations of their drop off boxes. Some of the locations are quite far from the main hub. For example, the main Purolator depot is about a five-mile drive from Best Buy. And for people who don’t own a car, the main drop off location is out in the country, not convenient for everyone.


If you’ve ordered a package online, you can expect the process to take a few minutes. You’ll be asked to provide your name, the name of the item you’d like to send, and the make and model of the vehicle you’re shipping. Next, the Purolator Team Member will check your ID, enter your first initial and full name, and take a signature. Your parcel will then be sent off to be delivered to its destination.

Purolator, previously known as Trans Canada Couriers, is a leading logistics and package delivery company. It competes with other big courier companies by providing flexible shipping solutions for businesses. Its service is available in many different locations and includes enhanced tracking visibility. The shipping labels are easy to create online or via their app, and they provide flexible pick up and drop off options. The Purolator API is easy to integrate, and the company has partnered with Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, and more to provide seamless integration into your online business.

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Pick-up times

When shipping your goods, you may be wondering about pick-up times for Purolator. Purolator offers Saturday delivery, Multipiece(r) shipping, dangerous goods shipping labels, and online invoices. To expedite your shipping experience, Purolator also offers the option of generating shipping labels in bulk. For added convenience, you can also create a tracking number for your shipments. In addition, you can schedule pick-ups and cancellations right on your website.

Purolator is a popular courier company in Canada. They specialize in domestic shipping. Their quick transit times and full tracking make them an excellent choice for shipping packages from one place to another. For businesses, they also offer convenient integrations with eCommerce platforms and other shipping services. In addition, they provide guaranteed same-day delivery, which helps them meet customer demands and balance inventory. When shipping your products, it is important to check pick-up times and locations so that you know when your packages will arrive.

Data collection

A U.S.-based freight forwarder, Purolator International, provides cross-border logistics services. It has a network of facilities in major U.S. markets, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Sacramento, Seattle, and Tucson. Data collection at a Purolator drop-off location is one of its most important goals.

To help its customers manage their parcels and increase their efficiency, Purolator has integrated Metrologic’s HoloTunnel Scanning System. This system automates parcel shipping and tracking operations by collecting accurate measurement data for every package. The company automated its bar-code scanning process in 1999, but later realized that it needed to improve their efficiency by incorporating tunnel scanning technology. Metrologic developed a custom solution for Purolator, including HoloTrak C Series holographic bar code scanners mounted overhead and on the conveyor’s side.

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Purolator also recently announced investments in its system to meet holiday demand. It tripled the number of Quick Stop Kiosks across its system. It also added parcel lockers for 24-hour access at its busiest terminals. To support the expansion of its network of retail locations and drop offs, the company has added over 2,400 new employees across Canada. It also increased the size of its courier fleet by 20% at some of its busiest locations. During peak shipping seasons, Purolator expects to handle 54 million packages.

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