What Is Costco Anjou?

costco anjou

If you live near a Costco Anjou location, you might be wondering what you can get for your money. This membership-only warehouse has a wide variety of products from bulk grocery to electronics. Many people are attracted to the variety of goods they can buy for low prices. What is Costco Anjou? Here are some things to keep in mind. The members-only warehouse offers many items at discounted prices. If you are a meat lover, you may want to visit the butcher shop.

Costco wholesale

If you’re looking for the best deals on bulk grocery items, then you should consider visiting Costco Anjou. This Members-only warehouse has a huge inventory that includes bulk electronics and grocery items. You can find all kinds of items for your home at Costco Anjou. Here are some of the best deals. Read on for more details. Here’s how to make the most of your membership! We’ve compiled a list of the best wholesale warehouses near you.

The Anjou Costco Wholesale has just opened a brand-new warehouse that is 20% larger than its previous location and features over 3,800 items. Costco Wholesale’s membership options are affordable and can save you a considerable amount of money. Business memberships are $60 per year, while household memberships cost $50. The memberships are valid at all Costco locations in Canada and the world. Executive membership has special perks such as exclusive merchandise offers and special incentives on travel insurance and payment processing. In addition to the store’s new warehouse, the store also offers a full-service pharmacy, meat department, and rotisserie chicken.

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Members-only warehouse

The Costco Anjou members-only warehouse has everything you’d want to stock up on during the holidays. From bulk grocery items to electronics, you’ll find it all in this warehouse. The prices are low, too. You’ll find the best prices on everything from electronics to bulk grocery items. Members-only warehouses also have the lowest prices on grocery items and bulk items. But before you go, be sure to check out the other great things to do in Anjou.

The new Costco Anjou warehouse features a bakery, an extensive produce section, and an on-site rotisserie chicken. There’s even an independent optometrist and five tire centers. The warehouse features 1,000 shopping carts and thirteen checkout registers. Parking is plentiful at this warehouse. You can expect to park your car in one of the 900 parking spots. A Costco membership is necessary to enter the warehouse.

Variety of products

If you’re looking for a new warehouse, the 155,733-square-foot Costco warehouse in Anjou is the place to go. It is nearly 20 times larger than the old warehouse in the same area, and boasts a new organic food section and hearing aids. The new warehouse is located just four kilometers away from the original Anjou location. Additionally, it features a new service station, new hearing aids, and a section dedicated to business supplies.

While it is true that Costco is known for its huge wine selection, many items are sold in bulk and are COVID-19-friendly. Most of the products are aimed at convenience stores, restaurants, and professional offices. The selection of items at Costco Anjou is huge. There are also plenty of food and beverage items that are great for gift-giving. But what really draws shoppers to Costco? As you can see, this retail giant is in full holiday mode.

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Butcher shop

The butcher shop at Costco Anjou is just one of many new additions to the company’s warehouses across Canada. For now, the Anjou butcher shop is only open to existing customers. The new warehouse will open soon to the public. Hours of operation are nine a.m. to eight p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are nine a.m. to six p.m. The warehouse also features a large commercial microwave oven and condiments in bulk. Membership at Costco is required, and Quebec has a mandatory vaccine passport.

The Anjou Costco features an extensive bakery, rotisserie chicken section, and fresh meat section. The store also has a food court, tire center, and optical center with an independent optometrist. The warehouse features more checkout registers and pallets than other Costco locations. There are six self-checkout stations throughout the store. Anjou is also home to a pharmacy and tire centre. For those who live in the surrounding area, the new store has the same amenities as the other Anjou locations.

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