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Argos is a leading general merchandise and digital retailer. The store has a distinctive design that is based on a Greek warship. This store is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The store is situated at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre. Whether you are visiting Hull for business or pleasure, Argos is a great option for all your needs. Read on for more details.

Argos is a leading digital- and general merchandise retailer

While once a British catalogue store, Argos has evolved into an omni-channel retailer with a growing number of online shoppers. Customers browse the Argos catalogue on their tablet devices fixed to their desks before paying at the tills and collecting their products. To improve the customer experience, Argos sought to redesign its online store and create an enhanced mobile experience. Qudini was chosen as the retailer’s innovative partner.

Argos’ success has been partly due to its commitment to innovation. While online performance has been impressive, the UK retailer has prioritized product innovation and introduced a well-defined In-Store innovation programme. The focus on consumer needs is key for Argos’ success in the digital age. As a result, the online and physical stores of the retailer are closely linked. Brandwatch Analytics allows Argos to understand consumer behavior and tailor products to better serve them.

It is based on a Greek warship

The design of the Olympias is based on the trireme, a type of Greek warship. The crew consisted of men and women handling the trireme’s 170 oars. To sail the trireme, you must be at least five feet 10 inches tall and a member of the Thranites or Zygian tribe. The crew of the Olympias is responsible for transporting the Olympic flame.

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The Trireme was the fastest Greek warship, weighing around 28,000 pounds and using a ram as its primary weapon. The keel curled upward on each end, giving it tremendous strength. A trireme’s storming bridge provided additional longitudinal strength and allowed the crew to board it when the ship was rammed. The trireme was faster than other types of warships, and Greek city-states maintained hundreds of them.

It is open 24 hours

If you live in Hull, the good news is that the Argos in St Stephens is now open 24 hours. This store was closed after flooding last December, but it has since reopened in phases. While the store in Anlaby remained dark, many of the other stores have reopened. The store offers the usual array of household products as well as a wide range of furniture. Here, you’ll find the full address and contact information for this store in Hull.

You can also find out about the Argos Hull opening hours at the Kingswood Retail Park in Althorp Road. It is open Monday-Saturday, but closed on Sunday and Mondays. The store is closed on holidays, but it is open until midnight on most days. To reach the store by phone, call the number below or visit their website. You can also visit one of the stores in the area.

It is located at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre

The Argos Hull store is situated at Unit 18/19 of the St Stephen’s Shopping Centre in Hull. This store is open from 10:30 to 17:30 on weekdays, Sundays closed. The products that you can purchase in the store include: Department Stores, Baby & Nursery Products, Electronics Stores, Furniture Shops, Sporting Goods, and more.

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The Hull branch of Argos is conveniently located in St Stephen’s Shopping Centre. The store’s address is: Ferensway Unit 18/19, Hull, HU2 8LN. The Hull store can be reached via TransPennine Express and the Hull Interchange. There are also 6 other branches of the popular chain of clothing stores. They’re located at St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, which is located at 110 Ferensway.

It is owned by BP

The Argos platform is the centerpiece of the $9 billion Mad Dog 2 project, and its arrival in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge milestone for the company. After months of preparation and regulatory inspections in Texas, the Argos platform is ready to be towed to its final location in the Gulf of Mexico. The new platform will sit approximately six miles southwest of the existing Mad Dog platform in about 4,500 feet of water, approximately 190 miles south of New Orleans. The platform will produce 140,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, and will be exported via nearby pipeline infrastructure.

The Argos platform is under construction in South Korea, with first oil expected to come in late 2021. BP plans to complete construction in phases and has committed to own the hull platform. It is estimated that the platform will start oil production in late 2021. The project’s cost is $5.5 billion, including the hull and topsides. BP will own 60.5% of the hull and platform, with the rest being owned by third parties.

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