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purolator drop off

The Purolator trial project started at a single GO station and has since grown to six locations. Its mission is to provide local residents with a fast and convenient courier service. Its slogan is “Time is money” and the company is proving it. In just five minutes, you can get your packages delivered to anyone, anywhere. And, with self-service kiosks at GO stations, it makes it easy to drop off and pick up packages.

Contactless solution for sending and receiving parcels

A contactless solution for sending and receiving parcels eliminates the need for any physical contact between sender and receiver. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the entire package delivery process has been sped up to keep up with the pandemic. Newer technologies are being introduced every day, all aimed at making the lives of stakeholders easier. Contactless pickups and deliveries are a great example of this, with over 75% of people stating they will continue to use contactless delivery.

This solution also includes contactless pickup. This concept is similar to contactless delivery, but it’s suited to office buildings, residential complexes, and educational institutions. A delivery executive leaves the item at the customer’s doorstep, where a picture is sent to the consumer. This notification provides a reminder to the customer, preventing long queues and physical contact. Contactless pickup can also be used for online purchases.

Self-service kiosks at GO stations

The new Purolator self-service kiosks allow shoppers to send gifts from a central location. After purchasing the gift, the kiosk creates a shipping label, places the package in the machine, and prints a receipt for tracking purposes. Alternatively, users can print a pre-paid shipping label from their computer at home and drop it off with Purolator. Credit and debit cards are accepted, as are Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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This partnership between Postmedia and Purolator has a number of benefits. It eliminates an extra transit stop and is a safer alternative to having a package left at the door. Self-service kiosks will be available at six GO stations, with more locations planned. While these facilities aren’t perfect, they provide a valuable service for commuters: quick and easy parcel drop off.

Terms and conditions of delivery with Purolator

In addition to defining the terms of your contract with the company, these terms and conditions outline the payment methods that are accepted by Purolator. Purolator accepts bank drafts, money orders and cheques for payment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your delivery, you can call Purolator and request a refund or credit. Please note that the payment method you choose must be payable to the Shipper.

The services of Purolator are available for parcels, LTL and TL. Each type of shipment has its own set of rules and conditions. For example, Purolator does not deliver Dangerous Goods, so it does not accept Lithium Metal Batteries for carriage. Similarly, you cannot send Lithium Ion Batteries via Purolator unless they are packed under Section II of the IATA packaging instructions.

Locations for picking up and dropping off packages

Canadians can now choose between two ways to pick up and drop off their packages: at the nearest retail store or at a special Purolator drop-off location. With a network of more than 1,650 pick-up and drop-off locations, Purolator is adding over 130 new locations in the next few months, including a dozen new locations at Michaels retail stores and 30 new mobile quick stop trucks. These new pick-up and drop-off locations will make it even easier for consumers to access packages and ease the strain on the network.

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Once you have chosen your pick-up location, a Purolator Team Member will contact you by phone or text and verify your ID and enter your name into the system. Once they have verified your identity, the Team Member will then take your package from your car and place it in the trunk. You can also drop off your package at any of the Purolator Quick Stop Kiosk locations. You should be sure to keep your box undamaged and to use recycled cushioning materials in your packages.

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