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kennards self storage

If you are looking for a self storage unit in Australia, you may have heard of Kennards Self Storage. This operator boasts one of the largest self storage portfolios in Australia. Besides offering a variety of sizes, Kennards Self Storage also offers CCTV cameras and PIN code access. Read on to find out more about this self storage giant. We’ll explore the pros and cons of this service in this article.

Kennards Self Storage is Australia’s largest self-storage operator

Kennards is a global self-storage leader with 95 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Their focus on cost control and strategic financial management has helped them become one of Australia’s leading self-storage operators. The company also has healthy relationships with many leading Australian banks. They are committed to meeting customer needs and expectations with exceptional service, convenience, and quality. Whether you need a small or large storage facility, we have you covered.

The ‘Belmont’ location was opened in 2001. It has been the company’s biggest self-storage centre in Australia. Its newest facility is set to open in Stockland’s Aura Business Park in early 2020, offering 750 storage units and individual alarms. The facilities will also offer 24-hour access, WiFi, and concierge services. The company also plans to expand its presence in other parts of Australia and internationally.

It offers a wide variety of storage options

If you are looking for a self-storage option, you’ve come to the right place. Kennards Self Storage is an Australian family-owned business that opened Australia’s first self-storage centre in 1973. Today, they have over 81 locations and partner companies in New Zealand. Whether you need a small locker or a whole garage, they have a solution for you.

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All Kennards self-storage facilities feature CCTV cameras and PIN codes for added security. Each unit comes equipped with a padlock and alarm, and most facilities provide 24 hour access. To make moving a smoother experience, many of their facilities offer trolleys and hand trucks at no charge. Additionally, some locations have moving vans for hire by the hour. Be sure to check the facility’s policies before renting a unit, as some of them don’t allow them.

It has CCTV cameras

The security at Kennards Self Storage Napier is exemplary. There are CCTV cameras and coded access to each unit. Many of the units have individual door locks, but some are not. Moreover, the facility’s roller doors are not always alarmed, and customers should bring their own padlocks to ensure that they don’t get locked out. The facility’s managers check the locks daily, and prices vary depending on the size and location of the unit.

CCTV cameras and PIN code access are two of the security measures at Kennards Self Storage locations. CCTV cameras are strategically placed to record high-traffic areas. Digital recordings of the surveillance footage are securely stored. CCTV cameras are monitored regularly and repairs are done as necessary. Security measures are further enhanced by computer-controlled access systems. These sophisticated security measures ensure that only authorised customers are allowed to access the premises.

It offers PIN code access

If you are considering using a storage facility in Napier, Kennards Self Storage may be the answer for your storage needs. This family-owned business started Australia’s first self-storage centre in 1973. Today, Kennards self storage has almost 100 locations and partner companies in New Zealand. The company offers a variety of storage options, including PIN code access, security lighting, and CCTV.

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