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If you’re looking for gifts for someone in London, Argos London stores are a great choice. Browse the online catalogue and website, and discover what’s on offer at your nearest location. Learn about charity partnerships with Argos London to help a worthy cause! After you’ve browsed through the online catalogue and website, you can visit one of the shops in London for the latest fashion and homeware trends.

Argos stores

If you’ve ever been to an Argos store in London, you’ll know that it’s not very pleasant. The store doesn’t let you see the products in person before you purchase them, and you’ll have to comb through thick catalogues to find what you want. After that, you have to wait until it comes and hand it over to the cashier. If you’re lucky, the cashier will let you pay for it online, but this is far from ideal.

The store, which has a long history in London, has undergone an upgrade. The Argos brand will be replaced with a red colour, a switch from the blue. Digital screens will be installed to showcase category and seasonal promotions. The screens will also be used to introduce the staff. They can also show local messages and social media activity. While some Argos stores still feature the traditional “skeleton clock” look, they will be able to show their inner workings in a way that rivals the look and feel of John Lewis’ stores.

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Argos website

If you’re looking for an online store, you might want to check out the Argos website. This UK general-goods retailer employs more than 34,000 people and has over 800 stores. Their website displays their products through a catalogue, and customers simply click to select, pay, and collect their purchases. It is part of the Home Retail Group, and has over PS4.2 billion in annual revenue. However, there are a few key areas that the Argos website can improve upon.

The Argos website is known to go down sometimes, especially during periods of heavy traffic or slow checkout. While the Argos website and mobile app are still operational, there are times when they’re not. These issues may keep you from ordering online, or prevent you from processing your order. Regardless of the cause, a broken website or app may be a major hassle for your online shopping experience. Fortunately, you can try to resolve these issues as soon as possible, or you may just want to use an alternative retailer.

Argos catalogue

The Argos London catalogue is one of Britain’s oldest and most popular shopping guides. The catalogue was published twice a year, and featured nearly 1600 pages of photos and brief descriptions of various items for sale. Each piece of paper contained a price, catalogue number, and other pertinent information. In addition to the printed catalogue, customers could browse their local Argos store and order items directly from the website. The catalogue is complemented by seasonal sales flyers which included discounts on current deals.

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The Argos London catalogue is one of the most popular shopping guides, with over 1 billion copies printed over the past 47 years. Despite the widespread popularity of the Argos catalogue, the retailer is no longer producing it. Customers are increasingly turning to the website, which is now the third most popular in the UK. Online sales are up over 70 per cent. Ultimately, Argos has come to realize that the website and app are more convenient than a printed catalogue.

Argos charity partnerships

The retail giant has announced a new charity partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society. The four-month partnership will begin on Monday, 2 July. Employees have had a say in which charity they want to support and voted for the Alzheimer’s Society. Argos employees will also be involved in the new campaign, ‘Action for Alzheimer’s,’ which will help raise awareness of this condition and improve services for people affected by it.

During the festive season, both brands have launched ‘Seimacha Spot’ reindeer food packages. The reindeer treats were covered in glitter and oats. Customers can donate PS1 for each reindeer’s food packet, and the brand aims to raise PS150,000 by July next year for the charity Help the Hospices. In addition to the reindeer food packages, Argos is also launching ‘Szlachetna Paczka’ reindeer costumes for children.

Argos pop-up shop

This autumn, Argos Home will launch its first consumer pop-up shop in London, New Oxford Street, exploring the concept of ‘homes full of life’. Alongside the retail giant’s autumn/winter collection, the shop will feature workshops led by experts and consumers, with workshops ranging from terrarium making with Jar & Fern to plate painting with Scratch London. Workshops will also allow shoppers to create their own home accessories and even build their own terrarium!

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In addition to the pop-up shop, Argos will host workshops at One workshop will feature the work of illustrator Tom Scotcher, and another will feature a screen printing workshop led by Jo Dean of The House That Print Built. Participants will learn how to design tea towels, napkins, and tote bags using a variety of techniques. Guests will also have the chance to learn the proper portrait photography techniques.

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